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Our Business/Executive Coaching & Mentoring is aimed at corporate clients, business owners, and private individual clients, who seek coaching to maximize their personal performance.  Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to enhance an individual's personal effectiveness.  It has many benefits over more traditional methods of development such as training courses, workshops, or direct instruction.


Subjects can be tailored to your requirements, and might cover things like assertiveness and confidence, career development and progression, communicating effectively with peers and clients, influencing, effective questioning and listening, thinking strategically, creating a balance between work and personal lives, business planning and marketing campaigns, personal organization and time management, developing leadership skills, running projects, or designing and developing a new product.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our 1-2-1 business coaching & mentoring is available in the following options for your convenience -


Star Standard Business Coaching & Mentoring – Our standard mentoring service that suits most needs. 

Flexible phone or Skype based coaching call by appointment at only £20.00 per full hour  session, including action plan, and follow-up session summary by email.

Why not purchase a block booking of 4 call-based mentoring sessions for £75.00 – saving you £5.00, with additional motivational email support to help you achieve your goals!

Did you know...?

We offer an additional FREE 15 minute phone-based consultation with any block booking of call based  or face-to-face mentoring sessions.

This allows both parties to build a rapport before getting started, lets us discuss tailoring a package more directly to your needs - agreeing on a next step course of action, and ensures you extra value for money.  We want to make sure you get the service you really need by actively listening to you, giving you feedback and guidance, and working with you to produce achievable goals.


Star Face-to-face Business Coaching & Mentoring – A more personal way of mentoring, and we can achieve so much more in your session.

A great opportunity where we can meet and work a lot closer together over a coffee, typically somewhere mutually convenient like a hotel coffee bar or cafe/bistro, or your own home where appropriate.  We often use the Newhouse Hotel for its comfort, convenience, and good food!

Meeting by appointment at only £25.00 per full hour  session, including action plan, follow-up session summary by email.

Purchase a block of 4x hour sessions for only £90.00, a great saving of £10.00, and we will include a Client Pack workbook, with additional motivational email support to help you achieve your goals! 


Star Working Business Lunch – A 3x hour high impact session including a hearty lunch together, where we can work for an extended time in a relaxed setting.

Meeting by appointment for 3x hours coaching & mentoring and lunch for £70.00, includes 2 course meal and refreshments, a Client Pack workbook, and free gift mp3 audio mini course.

We offer an additional FREE 15 minute phone-based consultation when you book the Working Business Lunch session, so we can get some groundwork done before we meet.


Star High Achiever Mentoring Package – This amazing deluxe package includes a block booking of 6x hour  face-to-face coaching sessions by appointment aimed at helping you achieve your goals through proper planning and managing change, PLUS 1x complimentary 45 minute phone or Skype based coaching call for £150.00

which also includes: follow-up session summaries, action plans, Client Pack workbook, additional motivational email support . . .

Special Offer our 'Success Habits' eBook course entitled "Rise and Renew", absolutely FREE ! 


For business/executive coaching or mentoring on one of the above payment plans, please contact us on the form below to discuss things in confidence.

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Chris Allan      

Chris Allan is Director, and Master Coach of Limitless Belief Life Coaching.

With over 12 years experience working in both the public and private sectors, Chris combines his extensive coaching and mentoring with his empathy and support for personal change and business development.


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