Have you noticed how “Life” seems to have a whole mind of its own?  It’s like it selfishly wants to do its own thing and can feel like it’s getting a bit out of control sometimes can’t it? 

A bit of a helter-skelter slide of emotions, thoughts, highs and lows, all going round and round in our heads...

That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with us for feeling that way, because it could just be we are going through some extra work pressure, more than usual; there may be some family health worries, or an unexpected bill has come up that needs paying out-with what you’ve budgeted for.

Regardless of the source, the feeling of stress and the anxiety it brings us can build up and feel quite intense in the moment, and our perception of it changes it into a bigger issue than it is.  It changes our mood, makes us irritable, less likely to notice any positive wins in our day, and it starts to drag us down.

Sometimes we can open our eyes in the morning and the busyness of the day is there waiting for us, right there from the moment we open our eyes to when we go to sleep at night.  AND that’s assuming we can shut off long enough to fall asleep!


Sound familiar...?

Or perhaps your stress goes a bit deeper…

Maybe it’s coming from other causes such as an emotional breakdown, a personal health scare, or anxiety that triggers under certain circumstances.

Things like actually going out the house, being in busy places, loud noises, feeling like you can’t leave the house, or even just trying to get organised to do something; it takes all your effort and energy – physically and mentally.

Well my friends, I have some good news for you…

What if you had a way to quickly find peace in that moment; to shut off the inner voice of negative self-talk and self-sabotage, to help you feel relief from the clouds of doubt, to bring a sense of clarity to a situation, and a clear refocused mind?


I imagine for most people that would be a very welcome opportunity, perhaps even for you… and it does sound good, doesn’t it? 

Well I want to introduce you to something called the “Breathing Space” tool which is a powerful grounding technique that I’ve developed to use with my clients to help them find peace and calm when their minds are working ten-to-the-dozen and not letting them switch-off properly.  It is designed to distract you from your pressing thoughts, it changes your state of mind and physiology, helps you to focus and control your breathing better, and calms down the head-noise.

It’s especially useful for relieving feelings of high stress and anxiety, but can also be a great help for symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, or PTSD.

Even if you don’t actually have a lot on your mind, it’s still a great exercise to help you find a bit of head space, clarity, and can be used as a way to relax and meditate as well.

Do you practice meditation or daily devotional prayers?

This exercise will help you get into a good frame of mind beforehand.

Do you find that you bring your thoughts of the next working day home with you?

This exercise will help you change your focus and switch off.

Do you find you are so on edge that you end up catastrophizing even the smallest changes to your routine?

This exercise will help you find a valuable calm where you can feel more in control.

Do you struggle with your anxiety at the thought of going out anywhere and have to plan in advance to where you hide and shut the world out?

This exercise will help you feel more grounded with a clear head.

And even better, it’s completely free and available to you right now!

All you have to do is fill out the form below and I’ll send you a link to the video of the exercise so you can benefit from this great technique by watching, listening, and trying it along with me in a step-by-step video guide.

So when you are ready, fill out the form below to register, and I’ll see you on the other side for your free training in how to use the “Breathing Space” tool!


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