"Mustard Seed Coaching" is an established Coaching Practice and Management Consultancy, offering Life Coaching, NLP therapy, and Hypnotherapy.


As one of Scotland’s top coaching providers, our strengths lie in our people skills, approachability, and honesty.  We work in partnership with you to ensure you get the level of support you really need, in the areas that matter.  We have over 15 years support to individuals, business clients in the public and private sectors, and are a preferred supplier to the UK Armed Forces for resettlement services.


For those needing the support of a Life/Business Coach or Mentor, or who have an interest in personal development, you will find a great selection of regularly updated articles and exclusive content on a variety of subjects, which compliment the Coaching/Mentoring and Consultancy services provided by Mustard Seed Coaching.  As an established Coaching Practice, Management Consultancy, and Training Provider, we enable individuals, businesses, and the future of industry leadership, with the tools to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.


Benefit your life and career with our Personal and Executive coaching programs.  Let us work with you to set goals and build a strong vision.  You can learn to over-come challenges in your personal and work lives, such as self-confidence, relationships, finances, social life, spiritual, dreams and aspirations, work/life balance, and health.


As our motto "Exelsa Petamus" suggests, we aim to 'achieve the highest values' in our development as a company, in our business practices, and our daily lives as individuals.  We hope this is reflected in every contact you have with us.


Our mission is to provide coaching, mentoring, and support, that utilizes progressive change, motivation, innovation, and inspiration.  Through the support and guidance of industry professionals, we offer YOU an opportunity to change the way you conduct your life and business, and 'acquire the highest values' in all you do.


Should you be interested in joining us on this adventure of personal discovery, please contact us for more information on our tailored client services and pricing.

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Chris Allan

Best wishes,
Chris Allan
Master Coach, Mustard Seed Coaching


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Chris Allan      

Chris Allan is Director, and Master Coach of Mustard Seed Coaching.

With over 12 years experience working in both the public and private sectors, Chris combines his extensive coaching and mentoring with his empathy and support for personal change and business development.



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2015-02-19, 13:18
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